Monday, April 11, 2011

February 20, 1775
It been 8 months since I've seen mama and Eddie my little brother. My name is Keara, I'm 14 and pregnant with the master's baby. Daddy said that he would help me with the baby, but I don't want him to get in trouble for helpn' me. It' so hot, the sun feels like it tryn' to burn us, we dark enough already. The ground hurts my feet anytime I work, they swell up a little and the master just keeps it harder to work

Picken' seeds out of the cotton by hand can hurt a lot, especially when You have thick hand hands. All day my baby has been kicking uncontrollably. A few hours later the master was whipping a slave that tried to steal some food to feed his children. The wailing of his voice was so scary, I just blocked it out of my head. My water broke, I was in pain daddy came to calm me down. After my daddy helped me, the master came over to see what was wrong. I gave birth right there in the field, it was a boy and was so beautiful, but master took him away 'cause he had enough slaves already. I haven't seen my baby ever since.